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: The new generation electric, solar & connected urban vehicle

Discover our eco mobility solution, perfect for professionals and individuals. Available into Pick-Up or Family version, the Wello is the vehicle of tomorrow :fast, practical, ecological and economical.


Green & Solar
Zero CO2 emissions

Smart e-bike
Autonomy up to
100 km (65 miles)

Pros & Families
160 Gal/500 lt & 180 lb and more

Comfort and safety
Ergonomic and intuitive


Highly Connected
Application and fleet management

the Pickup

Perfect for professionals, our Wello Pick-Up is designed to facilitate urban travel for transporting every types of products (parcels, goods, maintenance equipment, etc.).

The Wello Pick-Up is the most efficient vehicle for city center interventions and deliveries: it combines the best of a bike and a small electric van.

Perfect for transporting goods, waste, maintenance equipment, for sales trip, or for transportation and travel within a large industrial complex.

Adapted for all professionals: logistics, deliveries, shops, makers, street shops and cities administration.

Compact and agile, this latest generation vehicle helps you saving precious time. With Wello, say goodbye to traffic jams, and welcome to easy-to-move ! Optimize your trips and your time to park.

They support us

La Poste

This project was born on the island of Reunion, La Poste employees use Wello for the distribution of mail in the city of Saint Denis. Our solution replaces thermal vehicles or bicycles that letter carriers currently use.

La Possession

The vehicles are dedicated to short trips of the city of La Possession teams. A partnership which strengthens the image of Wello on the island and which also promotes the community’s commitment to ecomobility.

This project has been duplicated in metropolitan France with the city of Le Mans.


Driven on the industrial site of the EDF power plant, Wello is perfect for short daily distances of electricians. Operators can move around easily with their technical equipment. Fuel cars use can thus be reduced on site.

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