Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I test Wello?
We can organize Wello test sessions in mainland France and Reunion.
Where can I buy a Wello?

You can place an order by making a quote or by contacting us directly in Contact .

When can I buy a Wello?

You can order the Pick-Up, Family-Up, Truck and Family/taxi now.

What is the delivery time for my Wello?

Currently, the lead time is between 4 and 6 weeks, at the reception of all of your elements of order.

How much does Wello cost?

Prices vary depending on the model and the options chosen. Please contact us if you want an offer.

Where can I park my Wello?

In places reserved for bicycles and 2 wheels.

Where am I allowed to travel with my Wello?

You can travel on the road, on bike lanes and on all dedicated lanes authorizing the circulation of bicycles.

What category of vehicle does Wello belong to?

Your Wello is a cat: 6.11 pedal assisted cycle.

Do i need a driver's license?

You do not need any specific driver’s license.

Do i need insurance?

It is not compulsory to insure your Wello. Driving an eBike is covered by the owner’s liability insurance (according to French law)

What are the dimensions of the Wello?

The Wello Pick-Up measures  : L.210 cm  ; l.85 cm  ; h.180 cm

The Wello Familly measures: L. 225cm; L. 85cm  ; h. 180cm

Is the tilt system easy to use?

The Wello’s tilt system provides better vehicle stability while maintaining great agility. It takes a few minutes of use to take it in hand.

What is the carrying capacity?

Truck : up to 3m3 & 350 kg

Pick-up : up to 500 litres & 80 kg

Taxi/Family : 3 passengers and luggage trunk

Family-Up : 1 adult, 2 children with trunk

What is Wello's carbon footprint?

Wello emits no CO2/km. Wello has a carbon footprint of 6.37g of CO2/km taking into account its production cycle.

Where is it made?

The Wello is manufactured and assembled in France: in La Réunion and in Sarthe.

Is it available for hire?

Wello is available for purchase or on a leasing contract.

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

It is not mandatory, however we  strongly advise our users to wear a helmet for added safety. (according to the French law)

Battery and Autonomy

How long does it take to charge a battery?

From 3 to 5 hours (with a 3A charger).

Where can I charge my battery?

Standard 220V socket.

What is the battery range?

From 60 to 100km (depending on the difference in height and the amount of sunshine).

What happens if the battery is exhausted?

We recommend avoiding complete discharging battery. This can cause irreversible damage to its internal components. If your battery is exhausted, please recharge it as soon as possible.

What is the battery life?

Battery life is expressed in number of charge cycles (one charge cycle = full charge / discharge of the battery). For daily use of your Wello, the autonomy of our Lithium Ion battery is 600 cycles.

How much does a battery cost?

The price of a battery varies between 400 € and 600 € depending on the characteristics.

What is the power of the battery?

The battery power is 1.1kWh.

Does Wello indicate the battery charge level?

Yes, the information is directly available on the LCD screen of your Wello and online on the Wello platform (available option).

What is the power consumption of a WELLO during a full recharge?

Fully recharging the battery consumes 1.1kWh.

Performances and technical specifications

How fast does the electric assistance work?

Electric assistance is limited to 25 km / h (European regulations).

Is there an electric reverse gear?

Yes, the Wello is equipped with an electric reverse gear.

What is the engine power?

250W nominal power.

What is the maintenance of the Wello?

We invite you to refer to the section “  Maintenance plan  » of the user manual.

Can Wello roll in the sand?

Wello is not designed for off-road use.

Is the driving position adjustable?

Yes you can adjust your seat in height.

Does Wello have an audible warning device?

Yes, the Wello is equipped with a bell.

Data and Maintenance

Do you have a vehicle maintenance service?

We offer a maintenance service as a monthly subscription. Different formulas are available.

Where can I have my Wello repaired?

We have a network of maintenance partners for servicing Wellos throughout France.

How much does the web platform cost?

The subscription to the Web platform is 144 € TTC / year or 12 € TTC / month by Wello.

What are the functionalities of the web platform?

 Fleet management with the history of each vehicle.

Live tracking of the fleet: position, vehicle speed and CO2 saved in real time, etc.

Access to the “Support & Maintenance” part to file a ticket and have the follow-up of the interventions on the maintenance book.

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