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Who are we ?

The story of

Wello ‘s story begins with a dream : designing an ecological, compact, solar and connected urban vehicle. This dream is the Arnaud Chereau one, the co-founder of Wello. Middle of 2015, Wello started to gather its Dream Team. After three years of R&D and several prototypes, Wello meets its first clients.

We started from the principle that movement is a fundamental human right. But how can we move around while preserving our environment , protecting the nature that surrounds us and contributing to the green Smart City of tomorrow …

We have kept the best of two worlds, from the bicycle (ecology, economy, ease of parking) and from the car (comfort, safety, transport and connectivity) to create Wello.

The finding

Today, a basic 1.5 tons vehicle is currently used to move an average person weighing 80 kg. We also know that 50% of urban car trips are less than 2 miles. Increasing more and more the quantity of vehicles in the cities causes more and more traffic jams and more and more difficulties for motorists to park.

The limited ecological footprint

Thanks to Wello, you contribute in saving the environment while using it, as it is zero CO2 emissions per kilometer traveled and only 6.37g / km of CO2 emitted taking into account its production chain, means up to 25 times less than a light thermal vehicle (VELOCE study in partnership with ADEME – August 2017).

Our mission, our values

Our mission is to appease the heart of cities with a soft mobility solution, accessible for everyone, and offering a range of high added value services.

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our team: a human know-how

Much more than a team, Wellovers united around the same goal: Building the city of tomorrow!

The Wello team has more than 15 supportive and committed people who work in mainland France but also on Reunion Island. The team is composed of talented, imaginative experts and engineers who are passionate about new modes of locomotion.

Thanks to our new positive urban eco-mobility solution Wello, our wish is to become a player in the world of tomorrow and to strive for a greener and more eco-responsible environment.

Portrait of the Founder

Arnaud Chéreau is the founder of Wello, an aeronautical engineer, who puts his skills at the service of its creation. It was at the age of 10 that he began to develop his first small vehicles in his grandfather’s workshop.

Since then he has built a dream team around sports cars, photovoltaics and IOT. Together, they created a dream for the future of their childs.

Initially, the goal was to come up with the vehicle that could replace a couple’s second car. In most cases, all you need is a vehicle that can take you home from work, do your shopping or bring your children home from school.

– Arnaud Chéreau, Founder

They are also part of history

For us, social integration is a stake as important as ecology. This is why, in La Reunion, we work in close collaboration with public and private partners to support a structuring and sustainable territorial development.

For example, in Saint-Denis, the project integrates a social partnership for all assembly and maintenance operations, thus giving a new opportunity to the long-term unemployed to train in the trades of mechanics, electricity, solar and help them find a job. This model will be reproduced in other French territories in metropolitan France and, hopefully, in Europe.

They are Wello users

Thanks to many people, organizations and companies, Wello has proven itself in the eco-mobility market. Today they support us:

La Poste

This project was born on the island of Reunion, La Poste employees use Wello for the distribution of mail in the city of Saint Denis. Our solution replaces thermal vehicles or bicycles that letter carriers currently use.

La Possession

The vehicles are dedicated to short trips of the city of La Possession teams. A partnership which strengthens the image of Wello on the island and which also promotes the community’s commitment to ecomobility.

This project has been duplicated in metropolitan France with the city of Le Mans.


Driven on the industrial site of the EDF power plant, Wello is perfect for short daily distances of electricians. Operators can move around easily with their technical equipment. Fuel cars use can thus be reduced on site.

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Alone we go faster, together we go further.
– African proverb