Our offer

Our solution for professionals
the Pick-Up

Designed to ride on different traffic lanes, especially cycle ones

Particularly suitable for urban areas travels

Easy to handle and agile thanks to its weight, optimized volume and tilting technology

Easy to park

Wello Pick Up Vélo Cargo professionnel triporteur avec caisse 480 litre vue devent
Wello Pick Up vélo cargo professionnel triporteur avec caisse 460 litres vue arrière

What is it made for?

Perfect for professionals, our Wello Pick-Up is designed to facilitate urban travel for transporting every types of products (parcels, goods, maintenance equipment, etc.).

The Wello Pick-Up is the most efficient vehicle for city center interventions and deliveries: it combines the best of a bike and a small electric van.

livraison de marchandise

Perfect for transporting goodswastemaintenance equipment, for sales trip, or for transportation and travel within a large industrial complex.

Livraison Professionnel

Adapted for all professionals: logistics, deliveries, shops, makers, street shops and cities administration.

Compact and agile, this latest generation vehicle helps you saving precious time. With Wello, say goodbye to traffic jams, and welcome to easy-to-move ! Optimize your trips and your time to park.

Adaptability of the Wello Pick-Up trunk according to your needs.


Green & Solar

Autonomy up to 100 km (65 miles)

160 Gal/500 lt & 180 lb
and more

Comfort and Safety

Highly Connected



  • Tilting system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ease in traffic


Comfort & Safety

  • Starting aid, reverse gear
  • Weather protection
  • Driving lights

Modular load capacity

  • Rear trunk up to 160 Gal/500 lt and 180 lb



  • Solar panels
  • Autonomy up to 100 km (65 miles) per day (depending on altitude and sunshine)


Category Bike

Insurance not compulsory, no fuel or parking costs

Drives on cycle ways, roads and pedestrian areas

Speed up to 25 km / h

Tilting technology

Wello Pick-Up
For professionals

Wello offers professionals tailor-made solutions for a large range for uses. Contact us for more information.

Our solution for individuals
the Family

Wello Family Up Vélo Cargo familial triporteur vue de face
Wello Family-Up vélo cargo sièges enfants sécurisés arrière

What is it made for?

Perfect for families with or without children, cities administration and eco-tourism activities wishing to implement an ecological and innovative personal transport service, our Wello Family is specially designed to turn your trips easier.

Livraison Professionnel

Perfect for the daily trips of citizens in the city but also for eco-tourism activities

It can transport  1 adult and 2 childs

Very easy to handle thanks to its tilting technology and its optimized volume. It is designed to ride on different traffic lanes, including cycle ways.

Green and Solar

Autonomy up to 100 km (65 miles)

Passenger transport

Comfort and Safety

Highly Connected

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